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A search on the Internet and via other sources indicates that we are dealing with a serious cancer epidemic in our country and our world. On the negative side, according to the available information, it does not appear that this cancer epidemic is really getting much better. The information available indicates that as time progresses, the number of cancer deaths per year will steadily increase, like a run away wildfire.

When considering cancer in general, there is one thing that is becoming rather clear. Even with modern medicine and all the billions of dollars poured into this field and its claimed advances, there are still far more cancer deaths than there are long-term cancer survivors. So, some questions should be asked. Is the medical field failing us? Or, is something else going on here --- something which history could potentially help to explain --- something from the early 1900s? Is there any chance that eugenics philosophy could be involved here?


In Part One, this page will consider how cancer is commonly treated in the medical field today. It will consider the rather low success rate in eliminating cancer when using the "approved" methods, plus some of the detrimental or life threatening side effects. Then, in Part Two (link), this page will examine various alternative methods and what these methods have historically done for those afflicted with cancer.


One thing must be clearly noted. The treatment process which helps one person could potentially harm another. Like the old saying goes, "One man's food is another man's poison." Each person has their unique body chemistry and may respond to a given treatment in a manner different from another person. So, what is considered to be the best in your particular situation should be checked out with a competent and ethical medical professional. But, for those who desire a bit of history, plus some information on things which have been used in the alternative field, check out the information presented in Part Two of this page (link).


This presentation is simply for informational purposes only. This presentation is simply the findings of the writer which result from many years of research. In this presentation is found many of the writer's opinions, which could be right or wrong. It is up to the reader to check out the accuracy of anything found in this presentation. What you do with this information is solely up to you. And yes, you are fully responsible for your own actions and what you do in your particular medical situation. The writer accepts no liability. With that said, we can now move along.

Before you get heavily into reading this page, just scan down through it and check out the section titles. Possibly you may even want to browse through a section here and there. After scanning through this page from top to bottom, then may be the time to come back here to the top and then start your serious reading. Enjoy.


When dealing with stage 4 pancreatic cancer using surgery, chemo and the other common pharmaceutical methods of treatment, the first page below declares: "Of the 30,000 people medical doctors treat with this disease every year, over 29,500 die." The second page indicates that a lot of chemo is given to cancer patients who are not benefitted by it.

The third linked page claims that chemo is only 2.1% effective toward giving a patient the possibility for surviving another 5 years. So, it appears there may be a very small percentage of people who are actually helped by chemotherapy. Hopefully, if you are being treated for cancer, you are one of the lucky ones.

This presentation will start by considering the cold hard facts of life, when it comes to conventional cancer treatments. The remainder of this presentation, in Part Two, will then explore alternative methods which appear to have increased the quality of life for many cancer patients, plus appear to have extended the lives of many by a reasonable amount of time. So, ready or not, here are some of the cold hard facts of life.


It is time to "jump in with both feet" and "grab the tiger by the tail" and look at what it appears is happening in the medical field. This will be kind of like picking up a Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) and looking at all the horrible side effects of all the pharmaceuticals which they commonly prescribe for people. Sometimes, after looking through the PDR, a person may rather deal with their disease, than deal with the side effects of the "cure."

Ready or not, here we go. The first page linked below declares: "Chemotherapy is the cancer treatment most likely to weaken the immune system." But, what is really needed to fight off cancer. Yes, a properly functioning immune system. So, isn't it about time to ask what is really going on here?

It appears that a weakened immune system may provide numerous "come back customers" for the medical industry. So, is that part of the reason for weakening the immune system via "approved" cancer treatments? Do modern methods have more to do with enrichening those involved with the cancer industry, rather than truly working for the good health of cancer patient?

As things are looked at more closely, possibly there could also be some eugenics activity involved here, for it appears that the "approved" treatments may wreak havoc on the reproductive capabilities of humans. To some, it is beginning to appear that the "approved" methods for treating cancer is for gaining control over people, while fufilling what is said to be the mandate of those in control of our world, who want to reduce world population by up to 6 billion or more people (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9).


The article linked below declares: "The standard protocol for cancer chemotherapy is to give the 'maximum tolerated dose' -- a regimen that's brutal to experience, yet doesn't always kill the cancer." From what the research presented in this discussion which you are now reading indicates, many people die from the rather brutal and barbaric, "approved" cancer treatment, rather than from the cancer. But there is more to this story.

As the doctor at the beginning of the linked page declares, "We're incredibly good at shrinking tumors, and incredibly bad at curing them." At this point, there is something important to consider. Research tends to indicate that the cancer industry is just producing "come back customers" --- at least they are making "come back customers" of those who are able to survive the barbaric treatments. It appears the cancer industry is more concerned about making "come back customers," rather than truly working to cure people of cancer.

The page linked above mainly speaks about fighting against cancer via the cancer stem cells. According to the above page, these cancer stem cells "represent the most appropriate target in cancer therapy." A doctor noted in the page makes an analogy regarding cancer treatment. He states: "If you want to get rid of a tree, you could cut off the branches and hope it dies, but it usually won't. Or you could cut out the root, which will kill the tree. Current chemotherapy removes the branches, not the root."

Yes, things like chemotherapy are rather brutal and barbaric methods for fighting cancer. But, it appears their may be better ways for dealing with the cancer epidemic. Methods for killing cancer, rather than the patient, using more natural methods will be considered later in this discussion. But right now, let us look at the cancer industry and see what is happening there. Let us also take a closer look at those brutal, "approved" methods of supposedly dealing with cancer.


It is time to "get right down to business" and say things as it appears they are. The book linked via the button below, as noted on page 300, declares the following: "According to the USA Census, cancer is the second largest killer in the United States, second only to heart disease. But most cancer patients die from the treatments, not the cancers." Again, most cancer patients die from the treatments, not the cancers. Well, this does not sound very good.

The book continues: "Did you know that when a person is diagnosed with cancer, that person is suddenly worth a minimum of $300,000 to the cancer industry." Yes, the cancer business has actually blossomed into a huge money-making industry, so possibly there is a reason why there appears to be no cures for cancer, at least in the "approved" medical field.

The book then speaks about people who are harmed "by unnecessary chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radical surgical procedures that were never necessary in the first place." It then continues: "Research suggests that chemotherapy may affect healthy cells surrounding cancer cells, and some forms of cancer treatment can make the disease even tougher to tackle."

And then the potential truth about our present situation comes out, when the book declares: "It's all about getting new and more patients, then selling them 'drug' therapies and radiation-based treatments." And, as far as getting new patients into the money-making system, a page linked here speaks about medical facilities offering free cancer screening. And, according to what is indicated on the page, the medical facilities are not doing this purely out of the goodness of their hearts. Yes, possibly they see dollar signs on those who enter through their door.

Looking at a second opinion in this whole situation, the book linked below also indicates that a person diagnosed with cancer is suddenly worth a minimum of $300,000 to the cancer industry. Looking at things even further, a 2016 page linked here shows that in 2015, $107 billion was spent on cancer drugs alone, not including the cost of associated treatment. The page indicates that by 2020, more than $150 billion will be spent on just cancer drugs.

When speaking about all the money spent for cancer drugs in the United States, there is something else to consider. A page linked here notes that chemotherapy which costs $2,500 in India costs $70,000 in the United States. Then, a page linked here indicates that "Big Pharma is keeping us from developing low-cost treatments."

Looking further, is there any chance that the "love of money" bordering on criminality in the United States is preventing a cure for cancer from being widely produced and used so that cancer could be drastically reduced, or is the "love of money" just part of the reason? Well, just "stick along for the ride," and see what truths history may help to reveal.


The page linked below declares: "You've been taught all sorts of lies about cancer by the "cancer profiteers" -- the institutions, cancer doctors, oncology centers and chemotherapy drug makers who profit from cancer. In order to keep their profits flowing, they have to keep you in the dark about cancer truths: How it originates, how it can be prevented and how it can even be reversed!"

On the positive side of things, this page you are now reading intends to look, at least to a degree, at how cancer originates, how it can be prevented and how it can potentially be reversed. Looking once again at the page linked below, it notes foods like turmeric, garlic, onions, ginger and broccoli which have anti-cancer properties. But, the page states that these common anti-cancer foods "rarely receive any media attention because they can't be patented and turned into high-profit drugs."

So, it appears that money and greed are preventing the widespread use of low-cost cancer fighters and potential cures for cancer in the "approved" medical field.

Under LIE #8, which is titled "Cancer doctors want to help you eliminate cancer," the page linked above declares: "Cancer doctors earn huge profits on chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatments. It is in their financial interests that you have recurring cancer, creating repeat business for them. If they helped you eliminate cancer, they would lose your business and lose out on all the money they can make off your disease!" But, there may be more to the cancer issue and the epidemic than just this.

The 2016 page linked above speaks about "the criminal oncologist Dr. Farid Fata [who] falsely diagnosed people with cancer to make money off 'treating' them with deadly chemicals known as 'chemotherapy'." This Dr. Fata "worked out of a state-of-the-art cancer center in Detroit" and "is now a convicted felon." For more information about the infamous Dr. Farid Fata, just check out the stories in the links which follow. And, it must be remembered that this is only one case.

There is one thing in a page linked here and as the second link below which caught the writer's attention. This criminal doctor has an organization called the "Fata Family Foundation." This Foundation was "used to make contributions to a Melkite Catholic church in Warren, according to public 990 forms." The reason this caught the writer's attention is because it may tie to something which will be examined later in this discussion.


So, what is the result of this type of questionable or criminal activity which has been ongoing within the medical and cancer industry? Possibly the pages linked below can give us a clue. Yes, there appears to be a major problem in the medical field. And then, there are all those in the medical field which are steadily committing suicide for a variety of reasons.

About this point, we should possibly be asking ourselves some questions. Would you like someone working on your medical case or doing surgery or chemo on you who is potentially suicidal and may not really care about your outcome? In a way, it is almost looking like we may be playing a form of Russian Roulette, when it comes to our "health care" system. There may be some good ones out there, but...


The page linked here and further above declares: "But there are more criminals working inside the cancer industry: Oncologists, cancer surgeons, breast cancer specialists and mammography con artists. Their goal is to scare you with a false positive diagnosis, then convince you to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy that you don't even need!" So, how much of this diabolic deception is possibly going on in the cancer industry?

For at least an introduction to a small part of the answer, take a look at the pages linked below. But, unfortunately, the doctors which are actually named are only the ones who have made it into the news by being caught. But, one thing is possibly true. The pages linked below may only expose the tip of the proverbial iceberg. And, via this discussion, the reader may come to realize more about what is going on in the cancer industry and our world.

The evidence indicates that there are crooked doctors and nurses and others in more fields than just the cancer industry, as can be seen in the small sampling of pages linked below. It appears that the American medical industry is a mess, or possibly more like a jungle.


It appears that we are dealing with a deadly problem in our world, and it is not cancer --- at least not by itself. The page linked below, from 2018, declares: "Up until recently, chemotherapy and radiation have been the only two approved treatment methods for treating cancer by mainstream medicine, but as more research emerges, light is being shed on just how damaging these treatment methods can be and how often they are the cause of death and not the cancer itself."

The page speaks of "a groundbreaking study, which examined the number of cancer patients who died within 30 days of beginning chemotherapy showing how the treatment, and not the cancer itself, was the cause of death." Look at this again: the study was about "cancer patients who died within 30 days of beginning chemotherapy..."

And then consider all those "patients" or victims which have intentionally been wrongly diagnosed over the years as having cancer, as was being done by that "criminal oncologist Dr. Farid Fata" and others, as noted in the sections above, so these unsuspecting people could be sucked into "the money-making chemo orgy" in order to make some doctors rich.

The pages linked below provide further information about the death of patients by chemotherapy. The first linked page indicates that medical practitioners "murder an estimated one million a year for profit." The page alleges that good, "life saving treatments for cancer, of which there are many, are concealed from patients, who are pressured into chemo, usually with ghastly results." The page does make a reference to the Auschwitz concentration camp which the Nazis operated during World War Two.

The first page linked via the buttons below declares: "Licensed prescription drugs are the number 4 cause of death (106,000) in the USA , and they maim 2 million a year (eg, (link))." The linked page also exposes something elso which is possibly not commonly known. In the United States, deaths from chemotherapy are not counted separately, but are simply lumped in with cancer deaths. This way, no one can get a true picture of how deadly chemotherapy actually is. Is there a possibility that this could be the perfect cover for eugenicide?

The first page below brings out something else to think about, with these words: "In 2004 the Journal of Clinical Oncology did a massive study on chemo results. They found that chemo was beneficial in just 2.3% of cases, ie, chemo was destructive in 97.7% of cases." And then it states: "Worse, chemo usually destroys your immune system and blood counts, so, particularly in stage 4, you are likely to to catch some infection you would normally have fought off, and die from it."

The first page below then states that "John Cairns of Harvard University published in Scientific American that chemo drugs help, at most, one in 20 of the people they are given to." Yes, note clearly the words "at most" in the preceding sentence. Moving onward, the rest of the pages linked below speak about victims potentially dying as a result of cancer treatments and of other issues relating to chemo and cancer cures.


The June 2017 page linked below speaks of a "cancer specialist professor" who "would never go to a standard cancer treatment center." One professor declared that "patients are as well, or better off untreated." The page also declares: "Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy." The page declares that "chemotherapy is an intravenously administered poison that kills all living matter. Repeated chemotherapy and repeated radiation treatments kill the whole body by degrees." Read through the page and see what all it has to say.

The page speaks about the immune system being hammered hard by chemotherapy. It indicates that the damaged immune system cannot then protect the "patient," or possibly the "victim," from common illnesses. And, as noted in the page, this "can then lead to death." The page then asks: "What is this if it is not death by doctoring?" At this point, another question needs to be asked. Are all these related health problems being created with intent by the medical establishment, or is this all simply an accident? Keep this question in mind as this discussion progresses.

The title of the page linked below says it all! The page notes that "75% of Americans diagnosed with cancer are said to receive chemotherapy treatment...BUT...75% of oncologists also said that if they had cancer, they themselves would NOT use chemotherapy treatment. Why? Because of its 'ineffectiveness and its unacceptable toxicity'."

The pages linked below speak about a disturbing high rate --- up to 50% of patients --- which die from cancer treatment, especially from chemotherapy. But, they just keep doing the same thing. Could it mainly be for the money? A page linked here indicates that the cancer industry is a 124.6 billion dollar industry. Or, could there be even more to this story than just greed? Is there a chance that eugenics or even eugenicide may be in operation here, at least to some degree?

The page linked above notes that "chemo kills up to 50% of cancer patients in some hospitals." This brings to mind some things which were going on in the United States in the earlier 1900s. At some of the medical institutions where they practices eugenics and eugenicide, they intentionally had annual death rates among patients of 30 to 40 percent, as noted in a page linked here.

So, what is really going on in our world, especially in the "medical" field, with all this cancer stuff and the way patients are treated and all of them which are dying? Is this just diabolic eugenics once again raising its ugly head in the United States, as it did in the early 1900s? With these thoughts in mind, let us consider another type of treatment which is now being given to some cancer patients. It is time to look at immunotherapy.


The information in the two pages linked below indicates that cancer is caused by an inefficiency or failure of the immune or lymphatic system. That is why chemotherapy can be dangerous, because it takes an already weakened or failed immune system and devastates it and the patient's body even more, so it cannot fight the cancer. So, along the line, someone decided that boosting the immune system by immunotherapy might be a better way to go.

This section looks at immunotherapy, which, similar to chemotherapy, amounts to putting certain chemicals into the body of the cancer patient, but chemicals which are said to boost the immune system. The pages linked below give information about immunotherapy. Much of the information may sound rather good, but is there actually more to consider here? Later in this discussion will be examined the "dark side" of immunotherapy. But first, at least scan through the information linked below so you can obtain a basic understanding of immunotherapy.


It is time to consider a basic truth which many would rather not hear --- especially those associated with the cancer industry. The page linked below says it like it is. The market is being flooded with new man-made cancer drugs and many more of these types of drugs are being pumped into cancer patients. But their survival rate does not appear to be improving that much. What is going on here? What is this really all about? Isn't is about time we began asking ourselves these questions, while we look further into things?

There is now something to consider. Prior to the 1900s in the United States and elsewhere in this world, a considerable amount of herbal medicine and proper nutrition was employed in the healing of people. This went along with the instructions of that famous medical man called Hippocrates, who is commonly called the father of medicine. The following words are attributed to him: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." As long as the instruction of Hippocrites was followed, along with his instructions to "do no harm," things went fairly well.

But then, there came along those snake-oil salesmen, one famous example being William Rockefeller, who will be considered later in this discussion. The cheating and lying snake-oil salesmen helped to throw things into disarray in the medical field. This set the stage for others to take over who completely cast aside the very important and wise instructions from Hippocrites.

In the early 1900s, it appears that the rich elite and their cohorts took control of the medical field in the United States and brought it down a different path. When looking deeper into things it is found that many of the rich elitists associated with the medical field have had a history of being ardent eugenicists. This is introduced in the pages linked below.

There is actually more to this story. These American eugenicists were also supporters of the eugenics movement in Nazi Germany, which ultimately led to the mass extermination programs of the Third Reich. So possibly there may be more to this story about what is happening in the medical field today, especially in the area of cancer treatment and the low survival and cure rate.


There actually may be much more to this story about what has happened and is happening in the medical field in the United States. During the World War Two era and after, there were many Nazi medical doctors and other personnel, including engineers and scientists, who were war criminals and ardent eugenicists who were illegally brought into the United States under programs like Operation Paperclip. It appears that Americans have been deceived into believing that these Nazis were mainly rocket scientists, but this is not true.

The Prologue of a very informative book titled Project Paperclip: German Scientists and the Cold War, by Clarence G. Lasby (1)(2), declares: "The idea that the program was composed almost exclusively of rocket and missile experts is misleading; that group made up only 20 percent of the total personnel imported.." Chapter 6 of the book notes that Nazi specialists brought into the United States were even placed in educational institutions like "Cornell University, Pennsylvania State University, and North Carolina State College."

Chapter 7 of the Lasby book notes other universities to which the Nazi specialists were dispersed. These include: "Yale, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Oregon State, Minnesota, M.I.T., Louisville, Kansas, Washington, Chicago, and Ohio State." Besides being integrated into key positions in many universities, the Nazi specialists were integrated into many companies and medical positions in the United States, plus into government and military positions.

Exactly at what other places or facilities the more than 1600 Nazis, plus their families and associates, were integrated into within the United States is unknown at this time, because much about Operation Paperclip is still stamped as CLASSIFIED to this day. It appears that those in control do not what the public to know the full extent of the criminality which occurred in the United States which relates to this large influx and integration of Nazis.

One thing should be very clear. The Nazi doctors brought into the United States, along with their ideologies, were integrated into the U.S. medical field. And as far as drugs used in the U.S. medical profession, to some extent, these also appear to have been affected by those associated with Nazi ideology and their war against humanity. A mere introduction to bits and pieces about the Nazi influence in the medical and other fields in the United States is found in the pages linked below.

Since "the elite" who were supportive of the Nazis and associated with many of these illegal activities were also eugenicists, it appears that the medical field in the United States became tained with eugenicist ideologies. So, is there a chance that what is happening in the medical field, especially when it comes to the cancer epidemic, is related in one way or another to eugenics thought or possibly even eugenicide in action?


Let us now look at something else. With all the things which are going on in the medical field which are claimed to be for our good, it appears another problem is raising its ugly head. The pages linked via the buttons below raise the question about a connection between vaccines and the onset and increase of cancer in children.


Further above, there is a section which examines all the good that has been claimed for immunotherapy. Yes, there is a lot of hype about this treatment. But, is it really as good as all the hype is indicating? In answer, the pages linked below indicate that things may not be what they appear to be with immunotherapy.

It appears that some rather serious side-effects from immunotherapy are being discovered. After looking through the linked information, a person may decide that this is not the way to go.


Further above in this discussion a famous snake-oil salesman was mentioned. As noted, these snake-oil salesman helped to throw things into disarray in the medical field. The information linked below is an introduction to one very hard-core snake-oil salesman named William Rockefeller. As this discussion about cancer and common treatments progresses, it may become obvious why this particular snake-oil salesman is being highlighted.

As the page linked below makes known, the common (and rather accurate) picture of the snake-oil salesman is "the heartless huckster who preys upon the trust of the general public to swindle them out of their hard-earned savings. With a bottle of useless tonic and the help of a plant in the audience, the snake oil salesman made a living out of lies and deceit."

The page linked above, in its closing paragraphs, speaks about the modern snake oil salesmen. Of these modern snake oil salesmen, the page declares: "They not only try to sell us their phoney cures for our cancers, they give us the cancer itself, the cancer of complete dependence on their system, their resources, their corporations." With this information in mind, let us return once again to that early snake oil salesman, the infamous William (Bill) Rockefeller.

Before Bill Rockefeller got heavily into selling snake-oil, he was married and had three sons and three daughters. But, this guy was a bit different. The Wikipedia entry on Rockefeller, linked below, states that Bill bragged, "I cheat my boys every chance I get. I want to make 'em sharp." In other words, according to what history shows, it appears that Bill Rockefeller did not have much of a conscience and had no problem with lying and deceiving, and cheating people out of any money he could get from them.

According to the Wikipedia entry linked above, while married to his first wife Eliza, and while a family man in New York, Bill Rockefeller got "his mistress and housekeeper Nancy Brown" pregnant twice and had two daughters by her. As the Wikipedia page makes known, Bill had originally loved Nancy and it appears he was thinking about marrying her, but Eliza's father was to give her $500 when she got married. So, heartless Bill Rockefeller went for the one with the money, rather than the one with the love.

According to information in pages at the following links -- (1)(2)(3)(4)(5) -- Bill Rockefeller was known by his neighbors as "Devil Bill." The information declares that he "was a horse thief, a rapist and a bigamist" The information declares that "He fled from a number of indictments for horse stealing, eventually disappearing altogether as William Rockefeller and magically re-emerging as a Dr. William Levingston of Philadelphia, a name which he retained for the rest of his life."

Information in the Wikipedia entry linked via the button above indicates that the lying and cheating Mr. Bill abandoned his first wife Eliza and their children and became the heartless and cheating snake-oil salesman. At that point, it appears he adopted the name of Dr. William Levingston, as he worked very hard to deceive the public and swindle them out of their money. Then, it appears that while still legally married to his first wife Eliza in New York, Bill Rockefeller became a bigamist when he married another woman in Norwich, Ontario, Canada.

There is actually more to the story of the heartless and infamous snake-oil salesman we have been calling Mr. Bill. The Wikipedia entry linked above declares: "On July 26, 1849, in the city of Auburn, New York, William was indicted for a rape which had occurred at gunpoint. His victim had worked in the Rockefeller household; her name was Ann Vanderbeak." So, this all occurred while Bill was married to his first wife.

The information in the pages linked above makes known that, as a snake-oil salesman, William Rockefeller called himself "'Dr. Bill Levingston, Celebrated Cancer Specialist' despite being neither a doctor nor celebrated nor a cancer specialist." This infamous William Rockefeller, which was tied in with the snake-oil "cancer industry," was the father of John D. Rockefeller Sr.

Now, John D. Rockefeller was also tied in with the "cancer industry" via pharmaceuticals and the American Cancer Society, which Rockefeller founded in 1913. He was also tied in with the eugenics movement, as noted in the pages linked below, plus had a lot of control over the medical industry in the United States. It appears that those connected with John D. Rockefeller also had a habit of lying to and deceiving the public, especially when it came to their "bad mouthing" of natural methods and the use of them in dealing with serious health issues.

Instead of natural methods of healing, Rockefeller was a pusher of modern pharmaceuticals with all their bad side effects. He was a pusher of these pharmaceuticals which often were a factor in many needless deaths. But then again, it appears that the Rockefellers were heavy supporters of the eugenics movement, which did intentionally practice eugenicide when they could get away with it. So, what is a few extra deaths? Yes, it does appear that the Rockefeller clan has much blood on its hands. But then again, there is that thing called the lake of fire.

So, for a basic introduction on John D. Rockefeller and the medical industry, just check out the pages linked below.

The page linked below declares: "Before we proceed, it bears mentioning that allopathic medicine was the financial creation of the Rockefeller family- a megalomaniacal empire going back generations that has been behind wars, famines, destructive monopolies, government tyranny, and so much other direct harm to America and its citizens. Allopathic medicine was bought and for paid for as an institution in the early 1900s. Since then, cancer death rates have surged."



At this point, let us turn from the questionable AMA and the Rockefeller methods of treating cancer, which are known to be very expensive and, in many cases, appear to be very harmful to the overall body of the cancer patient. Let us now begin to look at various, low-cost natural methods which have historically been used in dealing with cancer. Let us consider some methods of dealing with cancer which appear to have have produced a better success rate, while not causing damage to the rest of the patient's body. As a note, the writer's research indicates that some of these alternative methods were better than others.

From research over the years, the writer has formed the opinion that no single natural product by itself is guaranteed to overcome cancer in a given patient. It appears that a combination of natural products or methods may have a better chance of bringing cancer under control and eliminating further damage to the patient, especially when treated soon enough. The writer is also of the opinion, which some of the documentation found in this presentation may also indicate, that the proper natural treatment has the potential to help toward repairing damage which the cancer has already done.

And now, it is time to consider just some of the success which appears to have been experienced when using more natural methods of fighting cancer. When looking through the information linked below, it appears that a number of cancer patients overcame cancer using natural methods, after the allopathic doctors had basically given up on them. Furthermore, the allopathic doctors appear to have given the patient only so long to live, even with allopathic treatment, yet the patient, using natural methods, was able to live much longer with a better quality of life.


The pages linked below speak about Stage 4 cancer and those who have been afflicted to that degree. In many people's minds, Stage 4 cancer means its all over for you. But, there is something important to now note. There are actually a surprising number of success stories about people beating Stage 4 cancer. There are even stories about people who, using natural methods, beat Stage 4 cancer even after the medical establishment had given up all hope for their recovery.

A basic introduction to this type of information, regarding beating Stage 4 cancer using natural methods, is now linked below. As a note, one person in the pages linked below may claim that they beat their cancer in two weeks, but do not expect quite the same results for yourself. So, at this point, the writer has something to say, especially to those who may wonder why the information was even included.

The "two week" information is included because their methods used may be of some value to at least consider. Possibly their method of fighting their particular cancer may be combined with other methods or natural products for more consistent good results in a broader spectrum of cancer patients.

The page below presents the supplement regimen used by one person in their fight against Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. At this point, all that can be said is that it appears they survived their ordeal with cancer, so let that speak for itself. Survival is the important part, especially survival without doing a lot of harm to the rest of the body.

The video linked below speaks about an 84 year old woman who had State 4 breast cancer and was given 3 months to live. The doctor said that she was too old to have radiation therapy, nor could her breasts be removed at that age. She was put on Taxol and Herceptin, plus, at the doctor's instigation, began taking 8 Turkey Tail mushroom capsules per day. In time, it was found that she had no detectable tumors.

It is clear that there are people who have beat Stage 4 cancer using natural methods. So now, it is time to begin looking at some of those natural things which appear to have had some success when used in this fight against deadly cancer.


For some people, when they are diagnosed with having cancer, it sends their life into a "tailspin." But, there is no need to look at that cancer diagnosis as a death sentence. Just take a look at all the histories of those who have beat cancer before you, which are shown in this section and the one above. So, it all comes down to figuring out what works best in your particular situation. And, when going the natural route, after the proper research, whatever you choose will possibly not hurt you.


The information linked below indicates that "galangal root is one of the most powerful natural cancer-fighting plants being studied today." Galangal is said to help in the fight against eight different types of cancer, while boosting "the cancer-fighting capacity of healthy cells." The eight different cancers galangal is said to fight include gastric cancer, leukemia, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and bile duct cancer.

Besides fighting cancer, galangal is said to be antibacterial and antifungal, and it is high in antioxidants. Then, as "the icing on the cake," galangal is said to support good brain health. Check out the pages linked below and learn the many benefits of this important medicinal root.


The pages linked below present further information about other claimed health benefits of galangal root. Some of the pages indicate that galangal improves cognitive function, helps to strengthen the immune system and even is said to act as an anti-HIV. In the linked information, check out the things for which it has been used for virtually thousands of years. Then use this information as a base from which to do further research about this special root.


Research indicates that betulinic acid --- which is found in many natural things like certain mushrooms, trees and vegetation --- has had some success in fighting cancer. The page linked below states that betulinic acid displays "potent antitumor properties.."

Yes, it appears that betulinic acid, which is found in various trees, plants and certain mushrooms, can be quite a cancer killer. Best of all, the products which contain betulinic acid are rather inexpensive, plus, when used properly, they generally cause no harm to the human body.

From what is indicated in the page linked below, betulinic acid may trigger cancer cell death "under circumstances in which standard chemotherapeutics fail." The information states that betulinic acid holds "great promise as a novel approach to bypass certain forms of drug resistance in human cancers."

The page accessed below calls betulinic acid "a natural compound with potent anticancer effects," which is "potently effective against a wide variety of cancer cells," while being "relatively nontoxic for healthy cells."

The page accessed below indicates that betulinic acid can induce the "apoptosis of pancreatic cancer cells." In other words, betulinic acid can cause the destruction of pancreatic cancer cells.

The link below accesses a 157 page document from the University of Amsterdam about the tumor killing properties of betulinic acid. The document indicates that betulinic acid is a natural compound which has "potent anti-cancer effects." The document speaks about a number of substances which are good for fighting various cancers, including lung, prostate and pancreatic cancer, plus leukemia and others. It mentions various fruits and vegetables which include cancer fighting agents.

The linked document makes known that betulinic acid is more than just a cancer fighter. It has also shown promise in being effective "against HIV via inhibition of replication." It should also be noted that "betulin is a potent anti-tumor agent that is enhanced by cholesterol." One thing especially good about betulinic acid and betulin is that they appear to be widely available in the plant kingdom, so there should be no supply problem, plus they should be relatively inexpensive to acquire. Check out the linked document. Much can be learned from it.

The page linked below states that betulinic acid (BA) "decreased the viability of three breast cancer cell lines and markedly impaired cell migration and invasion." The page indicates that the finding of studies "suggested that BA might be a potential agent for inhibiting the growth and metastasis of breast cancer."

The page below indicates that "betulinic acid inhibits colon cancer cell and tumor growth," plus it "inhibits growth of several cancer cell lines and tumors."

The page below indicates that while betulinic acid "exhibits potent anti-tumor activities," its "underlying mechanisms remain unclear." So, even though they may not understand exactly how it works, the bottom line is that it does work, and, it looks like it may be good for fighting pancreatic cancer.

According to the page below, not only is betulinic acid a good cancer fighter, it displays antiviral and antifungal properties. And, as the title on the button indicates, betulinic acid is good for fighting cancer in the kidneys.

According to the page below, betulinic acid can be used against "multidrug-resistant tumor cells." Besides anticancer and anti-HIV properties, betulinic acid also displays antil-inflammatory properties.

For those dealing with malignant brain tumors, check out the page below. The page notes that these are "the most common solid tumors in children."

So, the information linked above indicates that betulinic acid holds the potential for being an incredible cancer fighter, without the nasty side effects of man-made cancer drugs. Yes, it does appear that natural things were placed in nature for fighting the woes of the human race. So, why would a person want to go the expensive and harmful man-made way, when they could go the rather inexpensive natural way? And now, let us look a bit further at betulinic acid.


The page linked below declares that "Betulinic acid is a phytochemincal in the subclass of Triterpenoid, belonging to the group of Terpenes found abundantly in Ber tree, white birch, rosemary etc." The page notes that betulinic acid is used in dealing with colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer. Once again, it is an anti-cancer which displays anti-inflammatory effects, anti-fibrotic effect, and includes antifungal metabolites, it shows antileukemic activity, is an HIV maturation inhibitor, aids cytokine production and proliferation of T cells and B cells, has antiobesity effects and antimicrobial activity.

Once you open the 24 page document linked below, you will find that Pentacyclic Triterpenes, which includes betulinic acid, "are naturally found in a great variety of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants and are therefore part of the human diet." Possibly we need to eat more of these types of foods.

The linked document notes that "there is also evidence that pentacyclic triterpenes have the potential to restore vascular disorders associated with hypertension, obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis and could be used in cancer therapy, as anti-ulcer drugs, as well as for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases.."

The page linked below declares: "Betulinic acid is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antivirus and tumour fighting compound which can treat actinic keratosis, breast, cervical, colorectal, lung, melanoma, prostate and skin cancers," plus the page lists a number of other health issues which betulinic acid can treat or protect against.

The page below makes known that betulinic acid "displays a broad spectrum of biological and pharmacological properties, among which the anticancer and chemopreventive activity attract most of the attention." The page notes that betulinic acid acts "specifically on cancer cells with low cytotoxicity towards normal cells."

For those wanting to know about fighting prostate cancer with betulinic acid, just check out the document linked below. Yes, how betulinic acid actually works in fighting cancer appears to be somewhat of a mystery to the medical researchers. But, for most of us, all we really care about is that it works. And, best of all, it is something which is readily available and rather inexpensive.


The information linked below indicates at least some of the sources where betulinic acid can be acquired. So read up and learn some basics about betulinic acid and where it can be found.

Now it is time to begin looking at a rather potent source of betulinic acid. This very good source of betulinic acid is found in the mushroom family.


The page linked below declares: "People have been known to take chaga mushroom (often shortened to just "chaga") for heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, parasites, stomach pain, and certain types of cancer." The page declares that "Chaga mushrooms grow wild in places like Siberia, northern Canada, Alaska, and some northern areas of the continental United States."

The page declares that "the Chaga mushroom has been used traditionally to treat diabetes and gastrointestinal cancer, along with heart disease." Some of the health benefits of chaga mushroom are that it prevents and treats cancer, stimulates the immune system, it is a potent anti-viral and inflammation reducer, plus it is said to improve physical endurance.

The page accessed below declares: "Research has shown chaga to be extremely effective in protecting cellular DNA from damaging free radicals. It also has anti-tumor and immune stimulating benefits." According to the page, the variety of chaga "that is found on birch is believed to be the most potent because of its high concentration of betulinic acid which is toxic to cancer cells."

The page declares: "Chaga has been shown to be effective against cancers of the liver, uterus, breast, colon, skin, cervix and lung. It also attacks tumor cells without disturbing healthy tissue. Additionally, this mushroom has been found to be antiviral and anti-inflammatory." And then, "Immune function is enhanced by the beta glucans present in the mushroom which activate T-cell activity and the production of antibodies."

The page below notes that chaga may be helpful in lowering cholesterol and therefore "could be useful in the fight against cardiovascular disease." It notes further: "A 2009 study found that triterpenes, the compounds found in chaga and some other mushrooms, cause tumor cells to self-destruct. Unlike other cancer treatments, however, chaga does not appear to harm healthy cells."

The page indicates that chaga may help to lower blood pressure. Chaga is also said to support the immune system by "stimulating white blood cells, which are the immune system's first line of defense against a range of illnesses." Chaga appears to also fight inflammation, which can help in dealing with a variety of health issues. But, it should be noted that chaga may "interact dangerously with some medications," so check with your doctor before use.

The page accessed below notes that chaga supports the immune system and may "help balance the response of the body's immune system." This balanced or regulated response is important, because things like pharmaceutical immunotherapy boosts the activity of the immune system, but does not appear to properly balance the response, and, in such a case, the body can attack itself. So, it appears that the necessary components are in the natural product to make things work properly in the body. This is extremely important to the health of the cancer patient.

The page below declares that Chaga mushroom is non-toxic. This is important and is far diffent than pharmaceutical cancer drugs which appear to be very toxic to the human body. The historical use of chaga for dealing with a variety of health issues appears to go back at least six hundred years. Record of use in Asia appears to go back thousands of years.

Regarding the knowledge of this mushroom in the West, the page declares: "Just in the last century the Chaga mushroom's antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective, anti-hyperglycemic, and anti-cancer properties have become more widely known." It is considered to be "a first-line nutraceutical remedy." The page notes various properties of chaga, plus many things which it appears to be good for.

The page below speaks about the continuous intake of the extracts of chaga, which "demonstrate potent anti-tumor activities and have been used to treat cancer in several countries." It appears that chaga can cause "significant tumor suppressive effects," and in certain tests a "60% tumor reduction was observed."

According to the page below, "the greatest benefit to humans comes from the incredible immune boost Chaga provides. Chaga is loaded with Beta-D-Glucans, which help balance the response of the body’s immune system." In other words, it appears that chaga may work as a safe, natural type of immunotherapy which is well regulated to protect the human body while it does its work. There is much to learn in the linked page about how chaga fights cancer.

As a note, it appears that the money-hungry pharmaceutical industry just cannot match the natural things or put things together properly to work safely with the human body while doing no harm. Unfortunately, it appears that greed can ruin many things in life, and in the case of the cancer industry, it can result in much human suffering and many unnecessary deaths.

Again, the page below notes that chaga is non-toxic. This is very important when dealing with things in the human body. The page declares: "Chaga is a dense powerhouse of 215 potent phytonutrients --- including B vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, minerals, and enzymes. It contains one of the world's densest sources of pantothenic acid, and high amounts of riboflavin and niacin. Pantothenic acid is especially useful for supporting your adrenal glands and digestive organs."

So, it appears that the natural product not only has the active ingredients for fighting cancer and dealing with other health issues, but it also has the other necessary components to properly regulate things and help protect the rest of the body while it does its important work.

So, the common practice of isolating or synthesizing an active ingredient to produce a pharmaceutical in order to made lots of money appears to be a very foolish way of doing things. In the end, that practice appears to not contain the necessary ingredients to properly protect the human body from harm. But for those only interested in money or eugenicide, the end diabolically justifies the means.


It is said that turkey tail is among the most widely researched mushrooms. Information found within the pages linked below notes that turkey tail mushroom is very common. Therefore, turkey tail mushroom should be relatively inexpensive. It is said that the proper use of turkey tail mushroom can help in the fight against pancreatic cancer, especially when dealing with pain.

It is noted in one of the pages that turkey tail has "been shown to have anti-tumor effects against many types of cancer when used in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation treatments." These mushrooms "can also help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and can [once again] reduce cancer pain." But, as we shall see in this discussion, there may be no need for pharmaceutical chemotherapy or radiation in the first place, if proper alternative methods are used. And now, for that linked information.


It is time to look at mushrooms in general, and their reputation for being helpful in the fight against cancer. The page linked below declares: "Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. The current anti-cancer drugs available in market are not target specific and pose several side-effects and complications in clinical management of various forms of cancer, which highlights the urgent need for novel effective and less-toxic therapeutic approaches."

And then, the spotlight turns to mushrooms. The page declares: "The mushrooms credited with success against cancer belong to the genus Phellinus, Pleurotus, Agaricus, Ganoderma, Clitocybe, Antrodia, Trametes, Cordyceps, Xerocomus, Calvatia, Schizophyllum, Flammulina, Suillus, Inonotus, Inocybe, Funlia, Lactarius, Albatrellus, Russula, and Fomes."

The page declares further: "Mushrooms are known to complement chemotherapy and radiation therapy by countering the side-effects of cancer, such as nausea, bone marrow suppression, anemia, and lowered resistance." The page specifically notes mushrooms which may "induce apoptosis of breast- and bladder-cancer cell," plus mushrooms with potential use in fighting colon, gastric, prostate, pancreatic, liver, and lung cancers, along with leukemia and lymphoma.

The page linked below speaks about mushrooms boosting the immune system in cancer patients. This is something which is extremely important. To the writer, it appears that the proper use of mushrooms is the proper way to do immunotherapy in cancer patients. It appears that mushrooms can be used without the potentially dangerous side effects of standard pharmaceutical immunotherapy.

The page below declares that "there is good evidence that mushrooms are among the most powerful functional food in a growing cancer-fighting and cancer-preventing arsenal." It also states that "some anti-cancer mushrooms exhibit direct antiviral and tumor shrinking abilities." And further, that "in some cases, formulas containing multiple strains of different mushroom extracts often exhibit synergistic, complementary, and amplified effects."

The pages below provide additional information on various cancer-fighting medicinal mushrooms. Check out all the available information before making any decisions about the value of mushrooms in the battle against cancer.

At this point, let us look at something different than just cancer fighters. Let us consider some things which may increase the chance of getting cancer, especially pancreatic cancer. After that, the discussion can then return to the subject of relatively inexpensive, natural cancer fighters.


Pancreatic cancer is one which concerns a lot of people. So, let us consider some of the things which may increase the risk of getting pancreatic cancer, in order to avoid these troublesome things. It is indicated among the pages linked below that the use of soft drinks may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

A high meat diet may also cause problems, as well as grilled or charred meat. It appears that chemicals formed in meat cooked at high temperatures may also increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. So, check through the information linked below and see what there is to learn.

There are many sources which indicate that the use of soft drinks can result in health issues, so, there will be no need to discuss that potential source of problems any further at this time. At this point, let us turn to the matter of griddle or charred meats. Before people become totally afraid of grilling or cooking meats, there is one important thing to know. It appears there are ways to lower the cancer risk when grilling meat. Check out the pages linked below and see some of the different suggestions.


The pages linked below are kind of like a smorgasboard of various things which people have used, possibly some with more success than others. The first linked page speaks about resveratrol, which is found "in red wine, red and purple grape skins, and purple and red grape juice." The page indicates that resveratrol can kill pancreatic cancer cells. The page also indicates the need to reduce the intake of fructose from things like sodas, baked goods and candies.

The second linked page speaks of things fromm fruits, vegetables and herbs "that specifically target cancer cell growth." Some of the things mentioned for treating pancreatic cancer "include curcumin, genistein, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), alpha-lipoic acid, perillyl alcohol, and antioxidants." Other things noted for suppressing "pancreatic cancer cell/tumor growth, progression, and spread (in vivo and in vitro) include green tea (EGCG), resveratrol, pomegranate, pterostilbene, and limonene." The page also notes many other things which may be beneficial.

The third linked page notes that "a poor diet can cause many cancers including pancreatic cancer." The page declares: "The food you eat is one of the most effective alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer." The page speaks about things which can be done with diet, to help fight pancreatic cancer. One thing noted on the page for helping in the fight against pancreatic cancer is the Turkey Tail Mushroom (Coriolus Versicolor). The linked page is Page 1. The second page is linked midway down the Page 1. Page 2 contains more dietary things which can be used in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

The first page below indicates that chemotherapy nearly killed one person, but nutrition is working for them and it appears they are healing their pancreatic cancer. The page speaks about their experience.

The second linked page gives some history about a Stage 4 panceatic cancer survivor. Then there is that third page linked below. It speaks about the use of thymoquinone, which is "an extract of nigella sativa seed oil." It appears that it has been used "in the fight against pancreatic cancer" by blocking cell growth and killing cancer cells.

The first page linked below includes a video which speaks of a pancreatic cancer patient who began using "vitamins and herbs that improved her immunity." The patient added pancreatic enzymes to her regimen, "which helped heal her pancreas from the inside out." She also started working with a healthier diet. As a result, 16 years later, she is still alive.

The second page indicates that "alkaline foods are the BEST foods you can give your pancreas to help heal itself." The page declares: "A constant acid environment or acidosis is the major root of sickness and disease and will finally develop into various diseases including cancer!" The page includes a partial list of foods which can help to increase your alkalinity.

The third page notes foods and herbs for fighting pancreatic cancer. The page notes that Ginseng is used in the pancreatic cancer fight. Aloe vera gel is also noted for helping in the fight against both prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. A number of other natural cancer fighters are noted.

The pages linked below present information on a number of different things which are said to help in the fight against pancreatic cancer. Some of the different helpful things noted include: aronia berries, vitamin D, wasabi for eliminating pancreatic cancer stem cells, leaves of the moringa oleifera tree. One page notes the successful use of the Gerson Therapy program.

The use of turmeric as a powerful cancer fighter when dealing with pancreatic cancer is discussed in the first page linked below, plus combining it with things like fish oil, olive oil, or black pepper, to be more effective. The page also speaks of avoiding "things like high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), aspirin, and processed meats containing nitrates," because those things have a tendency to increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

The second linked page also speaks about the use of non-toxic turmeric for fighting pancreatic cancer. It notes that there is so little toxicity in the use of turmeric that a large amount of it may potentially be used without causing problems for the patient. The bottom of the page has a number of links to other resources with info about using turmeric for fighting cancers and also dealing with things like Alzheimer's, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

The third page below speaks of the use of oregano for killing pancreatic cancer cells. It states that the two antioxidant compounds in oregano which are thought to kill pancreatic cancer cells are also "found in artichokes, celery and herbs, such as parsley, peppermint and thyme." The page also speaks of a doctor who is said to have cured his own pancreatic cancer.

The first page linked below speaks of the use of DMSO as a binding agent that targets cancer cells and drags them out of the system; and aloe as another binding agent which can also help support the immune system. Echinacea appears to also have a place in the pancreatic cancer fighting program. A post at the bottom of the article states that "the best treatment for liver and pancreas diseases, including cancer, are: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium, Low Dose Naltrexone, and Milk Thistle."

The second linked page that "Nigella sativa has been proven to cure pancreatic cancer by killing off the existing cancer cells and preventing further growth." According to the page, "80 percent of the pancreatic cancer cells were killed with the use of thymoquinone, an extract of Nigella sativa," with "no serious side effects." The page also notes dosages and how to use when fighting cancer. THE THIRD linked page speaks of the use of the Poria cocos mushroom for fighting pancreatic cancer.

The page below speaks of using spirulina to fight pancreatic cancer. The page notes that spirulina contains compounds which are "closely related to the cancer-fighting antioxidant bilirubin." Tests appeared to indicate that the compounds in spirulina "substantially decreased the proliferation of experimental pancreatic cancer." Therefore, the researchers "recommend spirulina as a dietary supplement for its 'chemopreventive role.'"

The natural remedies and herbs listed in the page below for fighting pancreatic cancer include: grape seed extract, turmeric, Cat's Claw, and green tea. It is stated that these remedies and herbs "may help prevent the cancer, ease the symptoms, and slow the progression." The page also lists some pancreatic cancer symptoms, plus a few potential factors which increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

The page below speaks of a pancreatic cancer survivor who appears to have successfully fought the cancer with diet, supplements, and detoxing protocols. In this case, it appears that doctors may have caused more harm than good. Instead of diagnosing the real problem, which was cancer, they removed the patient's "gallbladder and appendix and then prescribed Prilosec to alleviate the nausea and abdominal pain that she was experiencing." It appears that conventional doctors had been well on the way to killing the patient. Luckily, she stopped the conventional route and began using natural methods.

The page below speaks of helping with pancreatic and liver cancer, plus even Hepatitis C. The LDN noted in the page is Low Dose Naltrexone. The ALA mentioned in the page is Alpha-Lipoic Acid --- something which should be naturally produced by the human body. The first page includes a link to the second linked page. The story on the second page is of a woman who is said to have "cured her [uterine] cancer using ALA, LDN and baking soda."


It appears that cancer stem cells are generally resistant to the traditional forms of "approved" cancer treatment. Even after the shrinking of a tumor using the "approved" treatments, the cancer has been known to spread or to reoccur. So, to be more successful at curing cancer in patients, it appears that the treatment has to go beyond just simply ridding the body of tumors or obvious cancers. The cancer stem cells must also be destroyed.

The first page linked below declares: "CSCs [Cancer Stem Cells] are tumor-causing cancer cells that possess characteristics similar to normal stem cells, specifically the ability to give rise to all cell types within a particular cancer." The page states further: "When cancer develops resistance to traditional treatments like chemotherapy, it becomes more and more aggressive, in part because of an increased number of cancer stem cells." So, it is very important to also kill the cancer stems cells.

The second linked page considers that possibility of cancer stem cells being the cause of returning cancers, especially those which return after apparently successful conventional cancer treatments. The page presents the possibility that cancer stem cells are the cause of metastasis. The second linked page then speaks about some natural products or substances which are effective in the fight to destroy cancer stem cells.

The remainder of the linked pages present information about cancer stem cells, plus the killing of cancer stem cells and some natural methods and products which appear to be successful toward this end. And yes, the killing of cancer stem cells appears to be only part of the job which needs to be done. The killing of the normal cancer cells must also be accomplished. So, it appears a combination of methods and products should be used in the fight to more surely eradicate cancer out of the body. Now for those pages.


Research indicates that pharmaceutical chemotherapy agents can have many adverse side effects. In this discussion, it has been noted that many cancer patients die from the "approved" chemical treatment, rather than from the cancer. For this reason, it is well worth taking a look at products and substances in nature, in their natural form, which have been used in a less- or non-toxic form of "chemotherapy." And the best part is that many of these natural products and substances have a history of simply being taken internally.

Take a look at the information linked below. By "reading between the lines," it may become rather obvious that the necessary products or substances for fighting cancer are readily available in nature. So, possibly the very expensive --- yes, very costly in more ways than just money --- "middle men" known as the pharmaceutical and cancer industries are not as necessary as we have been led to believe. Anyway, read through all of the information linked below, before coming to any conclusions on this issue.

There is one thing which should be noted at this point. It is reported that Hippocrates, who is commonly called the father of medicine, declared: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Possibly it is time to consider getting back to the way things were supposed to be, rather than getting "taken for a ride" by those who may be taking advantage of our ignorance.

So, should we possibly distance ourselves from any of those who could possibly be extremely expensive, modern day "snake oil" salespeople? Should we possibly be distancing ourselves from those who may be causing more harm to our bodies than good? Thoroughly read the information linked below as you begin to form your own opinions on this issue.


The information linked below indicates that the herb rosemary is quite a cancer-fighter. It is said that rosemary "helps to boost the body's GCNT-3 production, therefore playing a part in preventing tumor growth and effectively reducing the risk of certain cancers." The GCNT-3 is a gene in the body "that acts as an anti-tumor agent."

According to the first linked page, rosemary may improve the blood sugar balance. The page gives quite a list of benefits associated with the use of rosemary. The second linked page notes that rosemary extract "has been reported to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and anticancer properties. Rosemary extract contains many polyphenols with carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid found in highest concentrations."

The third linked page, under the heading of Cancer prevention, makes known that "this is probably the biggest benefit of rosemary tea because cancer is life threatening. A research conducted at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine shows that rosemary tea can protect a person from cancer. The two main ingredients present in rosemary tea are rosmarinic acid and caffeic acid; these are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents." The page also shows other benefits of rosemary.

The remainder of the linked pages speak further about the benefits of rosemary, when dealing with cancer. As a note, the writer simply eats the tender new growth found on the rosemary bush. The rosemary is rather strong when doing things this way, but a person can acquire a taste for this method of getting the benefits of rosemary.


The following words are attributed to Hippocrates, who is commonly called the father of medicine: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." The truth of the above words should be kept in mind, as the information in the links below is considered. Turmeric, with its included curcumin, is commonly used in Indian foods. But, there is a lot more to turmeric and its included curmumin than simply being something which is found in foods.

The page linked below declares: "When searching for some of the most effective anti cancer natural extracts accessible, low cost and non toxic, Curcumin will be one of the first we will come across." The page declares further: "Curcumin relevance in cancer was so intensively researched so that today, a search on PubMed using 'curcumin cancer' as search criteria will find 3329 published papers." And that was in 2016 that so much information was already available via PubMed. But there is even a much greater amount of information and history on the use of turmeric and curcumin available via alternative sources.

When speaking of research and published papers, the page also declares: "This research covers most types of cancers and uncovers the potential of curcumin to influence a wide range of human genes, major pathways in cancer, cell membrane, etc., leading to important anti cancer properties. With this, Curcumin alone may kill cancer cells while also being chemosensitizer and radiosensitizer for tumors and chemoprotector and radioprotector for normal organs." The page also includes some dosage information relating to curcumin, which was used in tests.

As a further important piece of information, the page linked below, from 2012, declares: "Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 7.6 million deaths annually [in 2012] according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It's been said that 30 percent of cancer deaths are caused directly by poor lifestyle factors such as inadequate diet, obesity, low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of exercise, tobacco and alcohol use." So, what you eat and what you do IS very important. It does have a direct effect on your chances of getting cancer. But, there is actually much more to this story, because of other things which have been going on in our world --- things which are under the control of others.

So, take note of all the things mentioned above, if you want to avoid or if you are already having to fight against cancer. Now, this has been just a very short introduction to just a little of the information available and some of the uses of turmeric and curcumin, in the fight against cancer. Next, will be considered some of the other important attributes associated with turmeric and curcumin. Then, after that, this presentation will return in more detail to the use of turmeric and curcumin in the fight against cancer.


As a side note and a momentary change of subject, the first page linked below indicates that the curcumin found in turmeric can help with weight loss and reducing cholesterol levels. The second linked page notes that curcumin was successfully used "in West Bengal, India, to deal with DNA damage associated with arsenic toxicity, which is common in that region." The third linked page shows that curcumin is effective when dealing with mercury exposure.

The page below indicates that curcumin can be effective in dealing with high cholesterol and in helping to reduce the clogging in arteries, as well as helping in the fight against heart disease. One thing in the page is very important to note. It is possibly something which should be researched further. When it came to reducing high cholesterol levels, a study "found turmeric extract most beneficial at a lower rather than a higher dose."


The first page below, from India, notes that the curcumin in turmeric "is expecially beneficial for fighting high blood pressure. Remarkably, this compound is not only helpful in regulating blood pressure but also effective in treating several late complications of diabetes like affecting eyes, blood vessels, kidney and brain."

The second page below speaks of using the curcumin in turmeric for dealing with inflammation, diabetes and neurodegenerative disease. A large factor in its recommendation for use in these cases is because of its minimal side effects, low cost and the abundance of turmeric and curcumin.

There is yet a lot more benefits to be found in turmeric and its included curcumin. According to the first page linked below, besides being used in the fight against diabetes, research indicates that turmeric and curcumin help to prevent and fight against "diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer's and even cancer." Besides cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease have shown themselves to be a scourge on humanity. Turmeric has also been found to be AN EFFECTIVE BLOOD THINNER, so the page notes that IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN BEFORE SURGERY.

There is one other very important thing to note from the first page below. It declares: "Whether turmeric as a whole, or its active ingredient -- curcumin -- is more effective is still in question." A doctor noted in the page believes that "taking turmeric in its entirety is better than isolated curcumin pills, but notes that both have beneficial qualities, albeit slightly different effects." Looking further, the second linked page notes some of the 14 different drugs which turmeric is comparable to.

Let us look a bit more at turmeric. The first pages below speaks about turmeric for Alzheimer's. Using turmeric for Alzheimer's was already noted above. But, the second page below indicates that the curcumin in turmeric is good for boosting testosterone levels.


A page linked in the section above speaks of a doctor who believes that "taking turmeric in its entirety is better than isolated curcumin pills." So, at this point, there is something which really needs to be said, because the writer, as a result of years of research, tends to agree with what the noted doctor believes.

When taking pills or capsules where the curcumin has been isolated, there is often a certain percentage of diluting "fillers" included. Yes, these "fillers" allow the manufacturers or sellers to make a lot more money off a given amount of "natural" product, and that is basically the only "true value" of doing things that way.

When taking turmeric root in its entirety, a person is virtually guaranteed to get the pure product, with all the other included natural ingredients which are meant by nature to work together properly with the human body. Yes, for your information, the writer simply cuts off a piece of washed turmeric root and chews it up.

Now it is time for the basic truth. Research indicates that for thousands of years, people have used turmeric in its natural form for health and medical reasons. In those earlier ages, the people were not "tearing apart" turmeric in a chemical factory and isolating its various ingredients. They were most often using it in the form which nature gave it to them.

This "tearing apart" things to isolate the supposed "active ingredient" is something which is now being done in our so-called "modern" times. It appears to be done so certain entities can patent things and make a lot more money off of that which was formerly part of a natural product. It appears that greed and the love of money may be involved here. But, it appears there may be at least one detrimental side effects when doing things this way.

When the so-called active ingredient is isolated out of a natural product or is synthesized, this active ingredient may appear to have a beneficial medical effect, but it usually comes with some negative side effects. In many cases, the "modern" medicine simply "masks" the problem, or drives it deeper into the human system, while potentially converting it into another problem. Just pick up a Physician's Desk Reference to see all the bad side effects of our "modern" medicines. Yes, they supposedly "fix" one problem, while creating a number of other problems. Something is just not right in all of this.

It is time to consider another basic truth. The natural product was made in a certain way, with all its various ingredients, for a reason. With the whole, natural, non-poisonous product, the active ingredient can do its intended work, while the other ingredients in the natural product are there to help "trap" or isolate the entity causing problems for the body, while protecting all the other organs and systems of the body from bad side effects. Yes, the One who created all things knew what he was doing, and then humanity comes along and screws thing up, yes, for greed and money.

When things are not done the way they were originally meant to be done, there is a price to pay. In the case of using simply the active ingredients isolated or sythesized from a natural product, the price is often harm to other organs or systems of the body. But, in the case of greed and the love of money, this just means more come back customers for those in the medical field and the pharmaceutical industry.

If those associated with the medical profession really cared about people and worked to cure patients the first time through, they would be seriously throttling their vast, potential income flow. Yes, welcome to our so-called "modern" world. And yes, in the end there will be a very serious price to pay, for all of us. But, that is a whole story by itself.


When it comes to fighting cancer and pre-cancerous things in the body, the page linked below includes something which is very important. It declares: "Many people think that using a curcumin extract on its own is enough to reap the benefits, but using the whole turmeric offers a range of therapeutic compounds they might miss out on. For instance, for colonic inflammation or polyps, it is better to use the whole plant over an extract because the extract can likely be absorbed by the small intestine before ever getting to the large intestine where it's needed most." So, again, taking the whole turmeric root appears to be the best way. And if people use curcumin on the side, that may have additional benefits.

There is one thing to consider at this point. Once again, there is the potential that a person could use curcumin extract for one issue, while taking the whole turmeric to deal with other issues. This is something which is considered, to a degree, in the latter part of the page linked below. But, from the writer's research, they believe that getting the whole, natural turmeric root is the most important. The other isolated components can be added if a person believes that in their situation this is necessary.


NOW FOR A WORD OF WARNING, when it comes to using turmeric or curcumin, especially if you are also taking other medications. The page linked below does "go over the edge" the other way, in its obvious bias against turmeric. But, it does bring up something to consider further. Turmeric and its curcumin, along with its other ingredients, may interact "with a variety of over-the-counter and prescription medications." The page continues: "Although negative side effects are relatively rare, turmeric is known to cause severe adverse reactions when taken alongside certain medications..."

The pages linked below present additional information on certain medications with which turmeric-curcumin may interact and cause a problem. If you are on any medications, ask your doctor if there will be any problems when using turmeric or curcumin. Also, do your own further research for potential interactions, if you are taking any type of medications. And, there are always differences of opinion, so check things out very close.


We are not done with turmeric and its included curcumin quite yet. The page linked below notes that the curcumin in turmeric has the potential for boosting brain stem cells. Regarding curcumin, the page further notes that researchers "have found it to play a significant role in improving Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and stroke damage." The page notes that "a bioactive compound in turmeric called aromatic-tumerone can increase neural stem cell growth in the brain by as much as 80%." From what is stated, it appears that aromatic-tumerone "can help boost repair in the brain." And, along the line of the main intent of this presentation, the page notes the potent anti-cancer properties of the curcumin in turmeric.

The pages linked below provide further information about the curcumin in turmeric boosting brain stem cells, while helping to repair the brain. The first page notes that curcumin "is also capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which is one reason why it holds promise as a neuroprotective agent in a wide range of neurological disorders."

The second page declares: "As incredible as it might sound, it's exciting to find out that turmeric could help repair brain damage after devastating events such as head trauma or strokes." When looking at the information in the second page, plus in all the other pages linked below, it appears that aromatic turmerone, which is in turmeric, works toward increasing brain stem cell growth "and the proliferation of stem cells into neurons," which has been shown to expand the hippocampus. Looking further, a page linked here indicates that the curcumin in turmeric, at least in certain cases, also works to stimulate proliferation of embryonic neural stem cells. So, turmeric is good for your brain.

The third linked page notes that turmeric is shows a potential "for improving cognitive function, blood sugar balance, and kidney function, as well as lessening the degree of severity associated with certain forms of arthritis and certain digestive disorders." It states further: "Whole turmeric is likely to provide you with a different set of benefits than its best-studied constituent -- namely, curcumin. That's because turmeric includes three different curcuminoids: curcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin, and demethoxycurcumin. It also contains volatile oils like tumerone, atlantone, and zingiberone. These different substances are all associated with their own unique health benefits." The page also provide information for using and storing turmeric.


Now it is time to return directly to that fight against cancer, and the benefits of turmeric and at least the curcumin which it contains. The titles of the pages linked below are relatively self explanatory. The pages indicate that, besides helping in the treatment of cancer, turmeric helps to prevent cancer.

There is one very important thing to note. If a cancer patient is using chemotherapy, using turmeric in addition can be very beneficial in that situation. Check out all the pages linked below, for they contain much good information.


In a section further up in this discuss, which is titled Targeting and Killing Cancer Stem Cells (link) it is noted how very important is it to make sure the cancer stem cells are killed. If just the tumors are killed, but the cancer stems cells are not killed, a person is basically wasting their time and money with the cancer treatment, because the stem cells will just spread the cancer in the body. And, most chemotherapy agents are worthless when it comes to killing cancer stem cells.

The page linked below notes that cancer stem cells "are generally resistant to the current anticancer agents," at least to the anticancer agents commonly used by standard doctors and hospitals. The page declares: "Successful anticancer therapy must consist of approaches that can target not only the differentiated cancer cells, but also cancer stem cells." So, if the common anticance agents use by mainstream doctors and hospital do not kill the cancer stem cell, what are we to do?

The page below declares: "Emerging evidence suggested that the dietary agent curcumin exerted its anti-cancer activities via targeting cancer stem cells of various origins such as those of colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, and head and neck cancer." Well, how do you like that? Simple curcumin, which is included in the inexpensive turmeric root, can get the job done which even very expensive anticancer agents commonly used by doctors and hospitals cannot do. And, turmeric and curcumin are not going to damage other healthy cells.

The page below speaks of using turmeric and black pepper together for fighting cancer stem cells. Why is this? The black pepper helps to make the curcumin in the turmeric act much more effectively at killing the cancer stem cells. What is more important is this, the turmeric and black pepper combination kills cancer cells and cancer stem cells, without damaging normal cells. From what is stated in the page, it appears that the curcumin in the turmeric, with the black pepper, very selectively targets the cancer stem cells for destruction.

The page is mainly speaking about breast cancer, but the writer's research indicates that this combination is also effective against many other types of cancer. The page indicates that a person should "regularly consume a soupspoon of turmeric every day, with a pinch of pepper." This sounds simple enough, and again, is very inexpensive.

The writer does have something to add at this point. People may wonder what the best way to take turmeric is. Well, if a person were to use turmeric powder, there is a chance that there are included fillers. So a person may not necessarily be getting the whole, pure product. The writer simply cuts off a piece of organic turmeric root about the size of the end of their thumb, washes it and pops it into their mouth. That way they know that they are getting the whole, pure product. And, along with it, a bit of black pepper can be added during the chewing process or possibly even taken on food which is being consumed at the same time.

The page linked below notes that curcumin, which is found in whole turmeric, "inhibits breast cancer stem cell migration." This is very important, because the page states that these cancer stem cells have "been associated with tumor initiation, therapy resistance, tumor relapse, angiogenesis, and metastasis." So, eat your turmeric with black pepper, and ingest additional curcumin if you believe that it may be even more beneficial in your particular situation.

The page linked below indicates that curcumin, which is found in turmeric, is better at reducing colon cancer stem cells than is the typical chemotherapy agent known as 5-FU, which is nicknamed "5 Feet Under." According to the page, this 5 Feet Under is typically used for treating " anal, breast, colorectal, esophageal, pancreatic, stomach and skin cancers (especially head and neck)." And, inexpensive curcumin, found in the spice turmeric, beats this 5 Feet Under in effectiveness. Read the page and check out its good information.

By the way, why has the chemotherapy agent 5-FU been knicknamed Five Feet Under? Possibly it is because it "makes cancer stem cells more agressive." Could they possibly want people to actually die? Could this possibly have something to do with the eugenics and population control agenda? It may be worth researching this issue further. And, with eugenicists in control of the medical field, it very definitely is something to check out further.

There is another thing to note from the page below. It speaks about using curcumin and frankincense together. This would be something to check out further. Possibly black pepper could also be added to the mix to increase the absorption and effectiveness of curcumin even further. The writer of the linked page states that they have "interviewed over 50 people who've healed all types and stages of cancer." So, there is always hope when doing things the natural way. And, the writer would definitely run from that 5 Feet Under.

The title on the page linked below says it all. The curcumin, which is found in turmeric root, "inhibits cancer stem cells, but stimulates normal stem cells." This is just what we want. This is the way to get cancer under control and get rid of it. The page declares: "The health benefits of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) are beyond comparison, attracting a number of scientists to test the safety and efficacy of the natural compound in treating various diseases." So, chow down on your turmeric and add a bit of black pepper. It's time to begin thinking about actually putting an end to cancer.

The pages linked below provide additional information about the use of turmeric and other foods/spices in fighting cancer stem cells. Not only are thise spices and foods said to fight cancer stem cells, but from what is shown in the information, it appears that these things also fight regular cancer cells. So, check out all the information.

The page linked immediately above speaks of using ginger and curcumin, found in turmeric, together in the fight against cancer and the cancer stem cells. The writer suggests adding a bit of black pepper into the mix to absorb the curcumin from the turmeric even better.

The page linked below indicates that curcumin, found in turmeric, along with Epigallocatechin Gallate, inhibits the cancer stem cell Phenotype. This Epigallocatechin Gallate is "found in high content in the dried leaves of green tea." (link) So, possibly a mix of turmeric, ginger, black pepper and green tea would be very beneficial in fighting cancer and cancer stem cells.


The page linked below speaks about a 67 year old woman who had an incurable blood cancer --- the deadly myeloma. After chemotherapy sessions and stem cell treatments had failed to really help or cure her deadly cancer, and facing a third relapse, she turned to using curcumin --- an extract from turmeric.

Using a high dose curcumin regimen, this cancer patient experienced an amazing improvement and a "good quality of life." The amazing improvement of this "heavily pretreated relapsing myeloma patient," and now five year cancer survivor, was then noted in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). This is shown in the section which follows.


Let us now get right down to business. The page linked below is from the British Medical Journal. It provides the case history for the myeloma survivor which is noted in the pages linked above. This is the lady which cured their myeloma cancer using turmeric, or actually the curcumin from turmeric.


The page linked below is written by Mike Adams (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8), who is the science director of CWC Labs and the "executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (CWC)," among other things. The page speaks about the case of the 67 year old myeloma survivor noted in the sections above. And then, the page appears to say things exactly as they are, when it declares: "For decades, the medical establishment has colluded with the for-profit cancer industry to smear anyone who talked about herbs, spices or superfoods fighting cancer. Food doesn't contain 'medicine,' we were told by the dishonest establishment. Only FDA-approved toxic medications can 'treat' cancer, the propagandists insisted."

There is something to now consider. The case of this 67 year old myeloma survivor noted above tends to show the apparent deception and BS of the FDA, the AMA and virtually the whole conventional cancer industry. Possibly there is more than commonly meets the eye in all of this. There may also be a rather strong eugenics or genocidal factor involved here, when it comes to the FDA, the AMA and virtually a large share of those who are involved with or in control of the conventional cancer industry --- that great money-making and population control "machine."

The page below by Mike Adams goes further and notes the Natural News website which "has empowered tens of millions of people around the world to take control of their health and prevent serious disease by using simple, affordable foods and natural medicine." The case of the 67 year old myeloma survivor shows the importance of websites like Natural News and other sites of a similar caliber. The page below notes that "millions of people across the globe continued to successfully prevent and even reverse late-stage cancers using nothing but foods, herbs and natural medicine."

After the 67 year old cancer patient resorted to using curcumin, the page above notes that "her plasma blood levels were almost normal. These blood counts have remained within the normal range for the last five years." There is something else to note in the page above. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) would not say that the 67 year old cancer survivor was cured. All the BMJ would say was that there was "Long-term stabilisation of myeloma with curcumin."


In all of this, there is one very important thing which no one can deny, at least not by an honest person who has decent morals and a conscience.

The 67 year old cancer survivor noted in the sections above had much better results, plus a much better quality of life, when simply using curcumin than she did with all the very expensive, conventional treatments which had previously been foisted on her. These "approved" conventional treatments included chemotherapy and radiation therapy, all of which utterly failed to stop the spread of her deadly blood cancer.

The page linked here and in the section above notes that the cancer industry depends on keeping cancer patients ignorant, when it comes to natural cures. And yes, the cancer industry typically ridicules natural cures. And, as they work to blind cancer patients about the truth, that virtually guarantees that the cancer industry will have come-back customers. As the page above declares: "Every person who eats turmeric or takes curcumin supplements denies the cancer industry millions of dollars in long-term profits that are siphoned off the suffering of diseased cancer patients."


For just a bit, let us take a further look at that which appears to be happening in the cancer industry, apparently even with some very serious government collusion. Seriously consider that which is being shown in the videos and pages linked below.

It appears that the government and the medical industry have been "hijacked" and have been used as vehicles to harm at least a segment of the general populace. Research indicates that this type of activity has been going on, to one degree or another, since the money-hungry Rockefellers gained control of the AMA in the early 1900s. But, research over the years by the writer has indicated that there is much more to this story of what is happening in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Some of the pages linked below begin to reveal at least some of those who are behind the very powerful pharmaceutical industry --- that industry which, in many cases, appears to be giving citizens harmful things and poisons as medicines. And yes, things like chemo are said to be poisons (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7).


This money-hungry, deceptive and potentially harmful attitude which appears to exist especially in the cancer industry is rather disgusting, if not totally criminal. This general attitude in certain areas appears to be similar in principle to some of the things which the eugenicist Nazis (which had a Concordat with the Vatican) were doing during the World War Two era. But then again, the Rockfellers who were associated with the AMA, according to various sources, were also associated with the eugenics movement and were very supportive of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis prior to and during the World War Two era.

When it comes to what is going on in the medical field, especially when it comes to the medical treatments for cancer, possibly we should be checking out more closely who is supplying the pharmaceuticals and why these types of pharmaceuticals are being pushed so hard. And, the FDA, is it really working in the best interests of the general public, or is it actually working for someone else, possibly even a foreign entity? And, is there possibly a eugenics agenda in operation here, and if so, who is actually behind it? With these things in mind, let us now get back to considering those natural methods which a number of people have been claiming success with.


The first page linked below declares: "As far as research into turmeric and cancer, over 2,000 published studies have shown curcumin combats cancers of the breast, prostate, liver, colon, lung, pancreas and more. Many of these studies have shown curcumin actually stops cancer cells from dividing. Curcumin has also been shown to trigger apoptosis, or programmed cell death, which is the body's natural and necessary way of ridding itself from damaged cells."

The first page also declares: "Despite the fact that curcumin has been extensively researched for decades and has demonstrated clear anti-cancer power in clinical trials, it is still not widely prescribed in cancer therapy as there is little financial incentive to do so. Drug companies cannot patent natural substances, and without a patent there is no profit." The page states further that "eating the whole fresh turmeric root is best and mixing a natural oil with it can enhance curcumin's delivery as much as seven to eight times."

The second page linked below declares: "Curcumin has even been shown to have a positive effect on halting pancreatic cancer. In a National Cancer Institute study at Houston's M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, large doses of curcumin were given to patients suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer." In this particular study, the percentage of the patients which improved was roughly the same as those which improve when going with chemotherapy in late-stage pancreatic cancer. And, curcumin has no bad side effects. The page also noted using black pepper with turmeric to increase the absorption into the blood by as much as 2,000 percent.

The second page also notes the following: "Recent research has shown you're better off with whole turmeric instead of just an extract of one ingredient. The various natural compounds in whole turmeric work together synergistically. If you just take curcumin, you're leaving valuable benefits on the table."


For further information about the health benefits of turmeric and curcumin, even with the addition of other spices, plus the use of them in fighting cancer, just check out the pages linked below. The first linked page has numerous links to further information about turmeric and curcumin.

The second linked page speaks about carcinogens created when grilling and baking chicken, "which may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer." But, it appears that turmeric can help prevent the creation of the carcinogens which do create cancers.

The third page below speaks about the use of curcumin in fighting pancreatic cancer. The page proclaims that "there was so little toxicity, the dosing appeared limited only by the number of pills patients were willing to swallow." The page declares that "curcumin does seem to help some patients with pancreatic cancer, and most importantly, there appears to be little downside. No curcumin-related toxic effects were observed in up to doses of eight grams per day."

The third page has another valuable piece of information. It declares: "The only surefire way to beat pancreatic cancer is to prevent it in the first place. In 2010, I profiled a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, the largest such study in history, which found that dietary fat of animal origin was associated with increased pancreatic cancer risk." This is all very interesting, for in the Holy Bible (see Leviticus), the children of Israel were instructed not to eat the fat of animals or of any other living thing. It appears things were set up to help prevent them from getting pancreatic cancer.


The first page accessed below shows that turmeric, with its included curcumin, has historically be used "for the treatment of various medical conditions, including cystic fibrosis, haemorrhoids, gastric ulcer, colon cancer, breast cancer, atherosclerosis, liver diseases and arthritis. It has been used in various types of treatments for dementia and traumatic brain injury," among other things.

The second linked page notes that curcumin ia an anti-inflammatory agent, which is also good "against neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, autoimmune and neoplastic diseases." The page shows that curcumin is used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases including: "Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cerebral injury, CVDs [Cardiovascular Diseases], cancer, allergy, asthma, bronchitis, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, renal ischemia, psoriasis, diabetes, obesity, depression, fatigue, and AIDS." The page also includes a circle diagram of different ailments which curcumin is used to treat.

The third page linked below indicates that when curcumin is ingested, "in just two minutes, the curcumin is all over the body." The page indicates that in two minutes after ingestion, the curcumin is in the organs, blood, bones, muscles and the brain. The page instructs to take the whole herb of turmeric, in order "to derive all of the benefits of all of the known compounds and those yet to be discovered."

The third page below presents some other important information. It continues: "Could it be that turmeric is even more powerful than curcumin in inhibiting cell growth? Yes! Much less turmeric than curcumin was needed to inhibit cell growth. Could it be that the compounds in the whole turmeric made the difference?" The page shows that turmeric can truly inhibit the activation and spread of cancer cells. It can "prevent tumors from spreading to other organs," among other things. And moving onward, when speaking of ginger, the third linked page notes it is 10,000 times stronger than the chemotherapeutic Taxol, at fighting cancer and even certain cancer stem cells.


Further up in this presentation (link) it was noted that to really bring cancer under control, not only do tumors and spreading cancer need to be brought under control, but the cancer stem cells also need to be killed. Well, it does appear that the inexpensive spice called ginger may be able to handle tumors, bring spreading cancer under control, plus kill cancer stem cells.

The page linked below declares: "Exciting new research reveals that ginger contains a compound that specifically targets cancer stems cells." This important cancer-killing compound is called 6-shogaol. And, at this point there is something even more important to note. The page declares that this 6-shogaol "can be up to 10,000 times more effective at killing cancer stem cells than chemotherapy." Did you get that? And, the ginger does not have all those bad side effects that chemotherapy has. The page states that "unlike conventional chemotherapy, 6-shogaol actively combats cancer stem cells without harming healthy cells." And, better yet, ginger is a relatively inexpensive food.

The page below indicates that in a tumor, cancer stem cells make up less than 1% of the mass. But this 1% of the cells is "the driving force behind a process called metastasis." In other words, this 1% of the cancer cells in a tumor is responsible for the development of other secondary malignant growths at other places in the human body. And, according to the page, this 1% of the cancer cells in tumors "are responsible for an estimated 90% of cancer-related deaths." Yes, the cancer stem cells appear to cause 90% of cancer deaths. Now you may understand why is is so important to kill this 1%. And ginger appears to be up to that job.

The page notes something very important. It shows that this 1% of the cancer cells, these deadly stem cells, are "impervious to nearly all chemotherapy agents." In other words, nearly all chemotherapy agents are worthless against these deadly cancer stems cell. No wonder so many people still die after having very expensive chemotherapy. But, again, it appears that inexpensive ginger can get in there and get the job done right. So, read the page linked below, because it has a lot of good information.

The page linked below notes that ginger is high in antioxidants, has potential anti-inflammatory properties, and has been "used to treat arthritis, improve cardiovascular function and blood sugar control and act as a digestive aid." That's a good start. The page notes that ginger contains some very important substances. These include: gingerol, shogaol and zerumbone, which are all good cancer fighters. The page notes research, which has shown that "ginger decreased tumors in the subjects." What is even better is that ginger fights cancer, "without harming healthy cells."

Now it is time to wake up and take note. The page notes that the components of ginger have proven beneficial against both cancer cells and cancer stem cell. The page notes further that ginger even outperforms the curcumin in turmeric, when it come to fighting cancer cells. But, both ginger and turmeric kill cancer stem cells. Now we come to a comparison. According to researchers, the common chemotherapy drug Taxol could not comes anywhere close to the cancer killing attributes of the components in ginger. From what is said, ginger appears to be about 10,000 times more successful at killing cancer cells than is the chemo drug Taxol.

The pages linked below also show that the components found in ginger inhibit cancer cells and cancer stem cells. So, read through the information and become informed. Possibly knowledgeable individuals can take care of many of their serious health issues, without the "help" of the eugenicist cancer industry and their rather destructive chemotherapy agents, like the one nicknamed 5-Feet-Under.


The page below speaks about using DMSO in the fight against cancer, even for those who are using chemotherapy. According to the page, DMSO allows for the use of less chemo which actually "targets" cancer cells by opening a way for the chemo to get inside these cells. But is appears that orthodox medicine won't use it because it would mean less profits for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. But do check out the page for the good information which it presents. It does state that straight DMSO should not be taken orally, but mixed with a cup of water or juice. Read the page closely.

The page linked below states that DMSO "has been proven to carry compounds deeply and rapidly into tissue while also having it's own properties that promote cancer cell apoptosis (cell death)." The page recommends using DMSO "with Cessium Chloride and other natural remedies to improve those remedies absorption and efficacy."

The information linked below speaks of using DMSO in combination with Laetrile, plus even vitamin C, for fighting cancer. It speaks of the experiences whch some people had when using this procedure. The page notes that the DMSO and laetrile combination has been used to treat "brain, liver, pancreas, and other cancers that were considered terminal." Best of all, it says that the DMSO and laetrile combination "has few or no adverse side effects."

The first page accessed below basically indicates "that cancerous cells can actually revert to a healthy state within 24 hours when treated with a special protocol consisting of DMSO and colloidal silver." The page states: "This protocol was designed specifically to transform cancerous cells into healthy cells -- fast." The page states that "DMSO can carry the colloidal silver into the interior of your cells, where cancer microbes dwell."

The second page linked below notes that a good reason for the DMSO and colloidal silver protocol "is that it is very, very inexpensive." It states further: "This protocol is designed from the ground up to be gentle, safe and to quickly revert cancer cells into normal cells. Once the reader understands what causes cancer in the first place, they will understand that cancer cells can be reverted into normal cells." The page notes that this protocol has the knickname of the "Overnight Cure for Cancer," or simply the OCC.

The first page linked below speaks of a simple DMSO and vitamin C treatment. It also declares that "DMSO will combine with many substances, grab them, and drag them into cancer cells. It will also blast through the blood-brain barrier like it wasn't even there." The page states: "DMSO has been combined successfully with hydrogen peroxide, cesium chloride, MSM (though it may not bind to MSM), and other products." Because of this characteristic, great care must be taken if using DMSO. There is a lot of information in this page, so check it out.

The second linked page is also about DMSO and vitamin C, along with hydrogen peroxide. The page states that DMSO is a "highly non-toxic, 100% natural product..." Besides the things already mentioned, the page states: "Another substance that targets cancer cells is being researched at Purdue University and other places: folic acid. This too will be buried unless it can lead to more profitable cancer treatments."

A WARNING: The page accessed below warns not to use DMSO with prescription drugs. Why? Because it can "enhance the effectiveness of prescription drugs, thus the cancer patient may effectively overdose on their prescription drugs." It is very important to check out all the warnings on this page. The page also warns about not using this particular treatment on tumors in dangerous locations. For these dangerous tumors, the page suggests another treatment.

Now, let us look at what the main subject of the page. It speaks about the chlorine dioxide treatment. It shows how to prepare the treatment. It then shows how to use the treatment, by rubbing it over the skin.

The page below speaks about a study where thalidomide was mixed with DMSO, and then tested on cancer cells. The the study tested DMSO by itself on the cancer cells. The page declares: "However, DMSO alone suppressed cell proliferation more effectively than thalidomide.."


The links below include an introduction to information about the history of the use of baking soda, plus other agents, in dealing with cancer. Some of the pages on baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) speak of its use in helping the body, especially when going through conventional chemotherapy. If a person were to be using baking soda internally, they should at least make sure it is the kind with NO ALUMINUM in it. And, again, make sure it is baking soda, not baking powder.

One thing to note at this point is that natural means of healing cannot be patented. Because they cannot be patented, a lot of money cannot be made off of natural healing methods. Therefore, when it comes to the natural methods, the research money is usually not there to do studies on their true effectiveness. For that reason, the medical establishment can readily claim that there is no scientific proof that the natural methods work. But, it appears that their claims downplaying natural methods can be somewhat misleading.

As always, don't necessarily take individual page titles for the final say, but scan through all of the pages to get a more well-rounded picture of what is being dealt with here. And, further research is always advised, in order to check out the validity of those things found in the pages. But, if something does not have a history of harming the body, and especially if it is rather low-cost, it may be worth considering. And yes, each individual and what they are dealing with is unique. In all of this, there is no guaranteed "one size fits all."


Read all the way through the pages linked below. The first part of each page may come off as sounding somewhat negative against natural methods, but the remainder of the information on the pages does tend to bring out some good or interesting points. So, scan through the pages and glean out any tidbits of value.


The two pages linked below declare that borax "is known to inhibit the growth of tumor cells." Well, that sounds like a very good thing if a person is fighting cancer. The pages speak of "the anti-proliferative effects of borax. However, the specific mechanisms regulating this effect are poorly understood." When using borax on HepG2 cells during the study, apoptosis, or the death of cancer cells, was verified.

For those wondering what HepG2 cells are, they are said to be "an immortalized cell line consisting of human liver carcinoma cells, derived from the liver tissue of a 15-year-old Caucasian male who had a well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma." It is said that "Hepatocellular carcinoma is the fifth most-common cancer worldwide." (1)(2)

The full title of the first page below is: Boron Induces Lymphocyte Proliferation and Modulates the Priming Effects of Lipopolysaccharide on Macrophages. The page declares: "Boron was administered to mice orally as borax at different doses for 10 consecutive days." The page declares: "Results showed a significant increase in T and B cell populations."

According to a page linked here, T cells "are part of the immune system and develop from stem cells in the bone marrow. They help protect the body from infection and may help fight cancer." These T cells are "also called T lymphocyte and thymocyte."

A page linked here declares: "An emerging body of evidence has recently recognized a role for B cells in modulating the immune response to tumors and lymphoid malignancies." The page indicates that regulatory B cells are known as Bregs, for B regulatory cells. The page states further that Bregs "have been shown to play a pivotal role in regulating immune responses involved in inflammation, autoimmunity and, more recently, cancer." The page states that "Bregs...can facilitate the conversion of T cells to regulatory T cells, thus attenuating anti-tumor immune responses."

So, it appears that these Bregs need to be counteracted when fighting cancer. Looking at a page linked here, it appears that the curcumin in the spice turmeric could help here. Possibly if borax were to be used in increase T cells, turmeric or curcumin should be used with it to control or counteract the increased B cells. According to the linked page, "curcumin induced apoptosis in CLL B-cells."

So, the curcumin caused cell death in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), which "is the most common leukemia in North America." So a borax and turmeric-curcumin mix could potentially be a good thing. This would need to be researched further. For additional info about B cells and curcumin, check out the following linked page: (link).

The page linked below indicates that borax is a good thing, yes, if used in the proper manner. But, the page also indicates that Big Pharma is fighting against borax. Why? Possibly borax does too much good, at a very low cost, and this could potentially reduce the immense profits of Big Pharma. Now, some say that Big Pharma is controlled to some degree by the Vatican and the Jesuits from Rome. That is indicated at the following pages: (1)(2).

Getting back to the page linked below, it starts with these words: "Borax, one of the safest and non-toxic naturally occurring minerals in the world..." As long as it is used wisely, it is a safe substance. The page speaks about our food crops being grown on boron depleted soil, so our foods get depleted in this important boron. It speaks of food preparation methods which further deplete the boron which is received from foods. Then the page speaks about boron and its deficiency in the human body and the resulting health problems. Check out the page and see how important boron and borax are.

The pages below speak of boron's effect on cancer and other health issues, and this boron can be found in various foods, plus in borax. The second linked page states that "boron-containing compounds have shown anti-cancer effects both in test tubes and in animals. Natural and synthetic compounds containing boron are being used as anticancer agents to interfere with cancer cell reproduction through diverse mechanisms."


The page below declares: "Fasting and calorie restriction can slow and even stop cancer progression, tumour growth and metastases. Both can kill cancer cells in their own right. Fasting has also been shown to boost the immune system, de-fat the liver and pancreas and thus the blood and lymph and significantly reduce chemotherapy side-effects. Fasting can also significantly improve chemo and radiotherapy uptake and effectiveness."

The linked page declares further: "All in all, a 3-5 day fast is something to include as part of your Integrative cancer treatment programme, but it is especially something to seriously consider when having chemotherapy - from two days before, to the day after a one day chemo treatment." The page then lists some entities from universities who "show that fasting can play an important therapeutic role in the treatment of cancer." Why is this?

According to the page, studies have suggested "that water-only fasting for 3 to 5 days can have significant beneficial effects with people trying to beat cancer, halting cancer progression and improving survival. It is also becoming clear that when fasting, your weak and damaged white cells die off, but your stem cells increase and as soon as you start eating again they form strong, new white cells." All of this is very important to fighting off and eliminating cancer, plus surviving. There is a lot of information of the page, so check it out.

The pages linked below add more detail to the use of fasting as a treatment for cancer. The information linked below indicates that fasting decreases blood glucose, and that is good, for it is said that cancer feeds off of glucose. And then, fasting triggers the production of stem cells, which results in the regeneration of the immune system. And finally, fasting results in "increased production of tumor-killing cells."


To properly fight cancer, the immune system has to be in the best shape possible. Fasting has proven that it can help to get the immune system working its best. And, fasting causes the production of those all important stem cells, which potentially may help in fixing damage which even cancer or its treatment has caused, without having the bad side effects which can occur with stem cell transplants (1)(2)(3)(4)(5).

A page linked here declares: "Scientists have designed a special type of drug that helps the body eat and destroy cancerous cells." According to the page, the drug "boosts the action of white blood cells, called macrophages, that the immune system uses to gobble up unwanted invaders." Well, that drug, along with the associated medical fees, probably costs quite a bit of money. But, it appears that the same thing the drug does can be done at no or low cost, just by fasting or using something so simple as garlic.

The first page linked below notes that fasting "improves the WBC (white blood cells), macrophages, neutrophils and monocytes." But, let us now add garlic to this story. The second linked page speaks of experimental results "which indicate that garlic appears to enhance the functioning of the immune system by stimulating certain cell types, such as macrophages, lymphocytes, natural killer (NK) cells, dendritic cells, and eosinophils..."

A page in a book accessed via the third link below declares: "Garlic apparently stimulates the animal's immune system, particularly, enhancing the activity of macrophages, natural killer cells and lymphocytes, which destroy cancer cells." The page accessed via the fourth link, under the section titled "Phagocytes," declares: "From an alternative health point of view, macrophages play a key role in fasting. When you are not eating and creating new waste in the body, macrophages get a chance to 'get ahead of the game' in terms of cleaning up debris. Fasting time thus becomes 'spring cleaning' time for macrophages."

The page accessed via the fifth link below, regarding water fasting, declares: "Experts now have evidence showing it could help with poor immune function. It improves the activity of macrophages, which are white blood cells that detect and get rid of pathogens." So, from all the information noted above, it appears that fasting, by itself, or periods of fasting separated by times where garlic is used, can have the same results as that expensive drug mentioned a few paragraphs above. And, better yet, when properly using fasting and garlic, there should be no harmful side effects.

The information which is accessed via the links below shows that fasting regenerates the stem cells, which in turn, builds up the immune system. Fasting helps to reverse immunosuppression. Fasting rebuilds the immune system and makes it work more effectively. All of this works together to help fight cancer.

Check through all the pages linked below and see what fasting can do for stem cell production and for boosting the immune system. And, when fasting is done properly, these benefits can be experience without cost and without negative side effects.

Let us now take a look at what is actually happening in the for-profit, money-making medical industry. The title on the pages linked below say things as they really are. Yes, no-cost fasting does boost the regenerative capacity of stem cells. But then, click on the links to open the pages. The sub title on these pages declares: "A drug treatment that mimics fasting can also provide the same benefit, study finds." This "information" comes to you from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

So, the medical industry, beyond any doubt, knows that fasting by itself regenerates stem cells, without any harmful side effects. But then, full well knowing that no-cost fasting does the job just fine, they waste time and money creating drugs that will do the same thing --- drugs with potential negative side effects --- so they can charge the public an outrageous amount of money for them. This, in itself, should reveal what is happening in the medical field in the United States.

Yes, it appears that the general public is being highly ripped off, with the blessing of organizations like the FDA and the AMA. Isn't it about time that citizens woke up to what is really happening to them, especially in the United States? It appears that our country has been hijacked by very corrupt individuals and organizations who, research indicates, have a eugenics, or population reduction and genocidal agenda.


Some of the first information linked below is about DMSO. The information in the second link is included here so people can get educated about DMSO. For starters, a bottle of DMSO is not something which a thinking person would want to give to somewhat who is not a careful person with good sense. There is a lot which must be considered when using DMSO.

Research indicates that if used in the proper way, DMSO can potentially have benefits. If used in the wrong way, it can potentially become harmful or even dangerous. So, it all depends on the level of wisdom and care a person has when using DMSO which decides if it will be a healer or a slayer.

Once again, when examining much of the information linked below, important words attributed to Hippocrates should be considered. For those not familiar with Hippocrates, he is commonly called the father of medicine. But, Hyppocrates appeared to do his best to work with nature and do what was best for the human body. The words attributed to Hippocrates are these: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." The truth of these words should, once again, be kept in mind, as the information in the links below is considered.

Since the United States is a country where processed and gmo foods, plus a number of other factors, have helped to create an obesity problem, the page linked below may be something of value to know.

At this point, the writer will temporarily stop with the work on this page. There are a number of other things which need to get done.

What is presented so far should help the reader to become informed about at least some of the alternative things which are out there which appear to show a degree of success in fighting cancer. And the best thing about it is these more natural methods, when used reasonably, are not harmful to the human body, as are things like chemotherapy, radiation, and slice-it-up surgery.

Check back from time to time, for there is still a lot more to be added to this page. The use of the following things are yet destined for this page: GcMAF, fucoidan, clinoptilolite zeolite, hot peppers and black salves. Again, check back from time to time for additions and updates.

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